What Health Professionals Say About United Hospice of Rockland

I have always received extremely positive feedback from both patients and their loved ones. The nurses are so devoted and caring and my patients' families forever compliment the care that the nurses provided for the patient as well as themelves. I have never ever received a bad report or complaint about a UHR employee!

Hospice is a great service for my patients, providing needed comfort care at home in their greatest time of need. The nurses are very knowledgeable and have the time to spend with the patient and their family which is not possible for me.

I would recommend hospice to every physician in our community.

                                ~ Scott Bernstein, MD, Pomona, NY

I frequently emphasize to the patient's family before I make Hospice referral that it is the one service I perform for the patient that is almost always rewarded with a "thank you" call, whatever the outcome is.

Palliative care,and especially terminal care, can be a taxing and draining experience and a team approach like that provided by Hospice, helps ease the burden for everybody; patients, family and caregivers.                          

                               ~Clement Osei, MD, West Nyack, NY

Over the years, few organizations have proven themselves to be as effective as Hospice to assure supplemental supportive services to ill patients and their families. I find that a patient participating in hospice, receives fewer extraordinary and unnecessary life sustaining interventions, but reaps the benefit of improved aide services, pain management, and psychological support to name a few. When the patient is cognizant of the caring family support given by hospice to the people most important to them, it provides unmeasurable psychological value to the patient. In an era where we can appreciate the importance of quality of life rather than sustaining life without patient benefit, Hospice has much to offer. I thank them daily for their compassion.

                             ~Paul Mercurio, MD, Rockland County Infirmary, Pomona, NY

There are few organizations that recognize the need to help all people and that are more comprehensive than Hospice.  Life is a journey with lots of mountains, molehills, ups and downs.  When you are most in need of support there is no better organization than (United) Hospice.  I have never referred anybody to Hospice that has not thanked me after their experience.  As sung by Simon and Garfunkel in the 1960's, Hospice serves as a "Bridge over Troubled Waters".  They will never let you down and they will always lay themselves down for you!

                           ~Richard Handelsman, DO, Pomona, NY