Youth for Hospice

Youth for Hospice (YFH) was founded in 2008 by twelve sophomores at Clarkstown North High School in New City. The legacy they left behind continues to grow and the current membership of Youth for Hospice is comprised of both boys and girls, freshmen to seniors, and has expanded to several other area high schools. There are currently seven YFH chapters from the following Rockland County High Schools: Clarkstown North, Clarkstown South, Nanuet, Nyack, Pearl River, Suffern and Tappan Zee.


Youth for Hospice (YFH) is a volunteer group coordinated by local high school students and its mission is to help create fundraisers and support other programs to benefit United Hospice of Rockland (UHR). UHR is an nonprofit organization that provides care, hope, comfort and improved quality of life to individuals and their families facing serious illness. YFH organize, participate in, and reflect on each fundraising activity, aiming to raise money in the most enjoyable and rewarding ways possible.


Youth for Hospice members foresee a growing tradition of fundraising for United Hospice of Rockland. We hope our enthusiasm and charitable work attracts more and more teen volunteers in the years to come.

For more information about becoming a YFH member or starting a chapter, please contact Sarah Henry, UHR Special Events Coordinator at 845.634.4974, or email her. Download an application here.

2016/2017 YFH Chapters:

Youth for Hospice Officers:

President: Brian Huang
VP: Zack Kraushaar
Recording Secretary: Jessica Bard
Corresponding Secretary: Sophie Berzone

Clarkstown North High:

President: Brian Huang

Nyack High:

President: Carly Cummings

Tappan Zee High:

President: Erin DiSanto

VP: Tara Di Santo

Secretary: Victoria Mrozindki

Treasurer: Danielle Virgintino

Nanuet High:

President: Jinsa Jaibine

Suffern High:

President Co-Presidents: Marc & Eric Kraushaar

Pearl River High:

President: Skyler Magee

Clarkstown South High:

President: Isabella Barone