Marianna Avarali

“United Hospice of Rockland helped my mother maintain a quality of life in the nursing home; enjoying activities, family and friends, until her very last day.”

Ed Fitzpatrick

“When my wife’s condition stabilized after eight months of care from United Hospice of Rockland, they then helped us transition to palliative care until she passed four years later.”

Robert Urban

“United Hospice of Rockland helps you through a lot of things you don’t know how to deal with.”

Carole Vickerman

“It seemed almost intuitive how the United Hospice of Rockland professionals understood our family’s particular needs.”

Judy Cataldo

“Someone from the nursing home asked if my mom wanted hospice care, and before I knew it United Hospice of Rockland was there.”

Iris Zayas

“When I brought my husband home from the hospital, United Hospice of Rockland was already here. They were always available when I needed them.” 

Angela Jordan

“I wasn’t aware that we could use United Hospice of Rockland services because my mom didn’t have cancer.” 

Dennis Mesiano

“I learned that calling United Hospice of Rockland didn’t mean we were giving up.”

Dolores Bechtel

“It wasn’t my doctor who said to call United Hospice of Rockland, it was someone from my parish.”

Celeste Kaplan

“United Hospice of Rockland helped our son continue to work, enjoy outside activities and see his friends.”