Hospice Care

LIFE… Making each day count.
CHOICE… You have a voice in all decisions.
… Care and support for those who mean the most to you.
… A specialized team dedicated to meeting your needs.
… We care about you.
… Respect for you and your values.
… Relief from your pain and other symptoms.
… There’s always HOPE in Hospice.

If you are researching information about hospice care, please feel free to call us at 845-634-4974 or take a look at our Hospice General Brochure. Let us help you identify your needs and guide you in the right direction.  We are happy to help you locate a hospice out of Rockland County if that is what is needed.  

To learn more about Hospice care, please view the John O'Hara Video link below on You Tube.


To see more family testimonial videos about Hospice care, please click on the links below.

https://youtu.be/IRRswv86q3M Why?

https://youtu.be/j9K9rDjqVSM Finding My Way in the Dark