Storing and Retrieving Advance Directives

Storing and Retrieving Your Advance Directives

Once you have completed your advance directives, where you should you keep them? In the previous section labeled, Frequently Asked Questions, we have informed you which individual’s should receive copies of your advance directives. Is that adequate? Our answer is, "No." It is easy to forget where paper documents are stored.  If documents are not kept in a waterproof and fire safe container, they can be easily damaged. Wherever you may choose to store them, are health care providers able to access them when they are needed? In all likelihood, the answer to that question is also, "No."

United Hospice of Rockland, Inc., has developed the perfect solution for you. It is a free, secure, web (internet) based site that enable your documents to be safely stored and accessed by health professionals when they are needed. It is called All you need to do, is print a copy of the enrollment form and sign it. (Click on the link, we have provided for you and it will take you to the site.) Mail the enrollment form with copies (NOT the originals) of your advance directives. The address is:, c/o United Hospice of Rockland, Inc., 11 Stokum Lane, New City, NY 10956. We will scan and upload the documents to the website. We will mail back all of your documents with three ID cards on which is written your name and the password that has been assigned.  One card is designed for you to carry in you wallet. Make it the first thing that someone sees if they open your wallet. One copy is for your health care agent and one copy is for your physician. Instructions to retrieve your directives are on the back of the card. You can request additional wallet cards by calling us at 845.634.4974.

Contact United Hospice of Rockland at 845.634.4974 or if you would like further information or help on advance directives.